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Deposit Products


Regular Savings Account

Peso Savings Account, evidenced by a passbook, with interest of 0.5% per annum credited monthly for a minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance of P500.00.

Regular Current Account

A checking account for a minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance of P3,000.00 for individual accounts and P5,000.00 for commercial accounts.

Real Business Current Account

Interest-bearing checking account provided with checkbook and a record book (similar to a passbook) for easier and more efficient monitoring of your cash flow. Opening amount and minimum maintaining balance is P10,000.00 with interest rate of 0.5% per annum credited monthly on the account.

Real CASH (ATM Account)

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Account that offers 24-hour banking service through any Real CASH, BancNet, Megalink or Expressnet ATM. Interest credited monthly at 0.5% per annum at a minimum ADB of P500.00. Requires only a minimum initial deposit of P100.00 and P500.00 maintaining balance for our ATM Savings Account and P3,000.00 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance for our ATM Current Account. It is also available as ATM Payroll. Pay your bills or transfer funds to your other accounts using your ATM Card.

Real Kiddie Savers’ Club

Savings Account, especially designed for children 12 years old and below, with initial deposit requirement of P100.00. Interest credited monthly at 0.5% per annum at a minimum ADB of P500.00.

Real Special Savings

Real Saver Plus

It is a five year term deposit product, with a tax free interest as high as 2.750% per annum. Monthly interest will automatically be credited to client’s chosen savings or checking account product, and it comes with a passbook for easier reference. Funds can be made available to our clients anytime, subject to the bank’s prescribed charges.

Real Premium Savings

A Special Savings Account that earns special interest rates based on the deposit amount and the agreed deposit term. It is evidenced by a passbook, for a minimum deposit of P20,000.00.

Real Secure Time Deposit

Real Secure

A Special Term Deposit product with a minimum placement of P1,000 and earns an interest higher than savings account for a minimum term of 30 days.

FCDU Products

U.S. $ Savings Account
U.S. $ Time Deposit

For more information, please contact Cash Department at (02)990-7325 loc 117; or visit any TRB branch near you.

Other Services

Other Banking Services

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